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Although due to impact of European culture the life style of the Nigerian people are changing but it is still favorite place if you want to observe a real image of classical African culture. Nigeria is a wealthy cultural and traditional place in Africa. Behavior of the Nigerian is nice, sympathetic and well mannered.

Nigeria local festivals are unique in nature. Arugungu Fishing Festival is celebrated in February and March in Matan Fada River of Kebbi State. Thousands of fisher men participate in this festival with their nets. Every one tries to catch more and more fishes. Person who catches biggest fish is awarded by prize in form of cash amount.

Sharo or Shadi festival is also a complex festival of Nigeria. Two bare-chested persons participate in the flogging game. Huge crowd present here to motivate them by their cheers and load drumming. To realize the real excitements in this ground you have to take cheap flights to Nigeria, it is difficult to narrate here.

Tribal system is still active in Nigeria and Hausa, Yoruba and the Ibo are main tribes. In nut shell western part of Africa has several cultural and natural attractions.

Although the activities of the government for the development of travel and tourism are not enough as it deserved. But the magnificent sights of beaches, live wildlife, water falls and many more things are enough to mesmerize visitors. Eye catching beaches, magnificent park, adventurer wildlife, classical culture and museums make Nigeria a perfect place to entertain visitor.

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There are four international airports in Nigeria which serve international flights to Nigeria. Local airports for domestic flights are 22 in number having paved runways.