For a fantastic experience on a totally different culture and tradition, try Mumbai City. Cheap flights to Mumbai as well as the attractive exchange rates are two simple and good reasons to visit Mumbai. Fun in the sun is another compelling reason to visit Mumbai.

Mumbai is a fascinating city that is rich in culture, traditions and history. Its population is more than 16 million. As the largest city in India, Mumbai stands out in its majesty with its exotic sights, culture and history.

Its crowds at the unique bazaars, lively bars and quaint restaurants pull you in for new experiences.

Cheap flights to Mumbai are plentiful if you keep an open eye on the various sources of offer throughout the year.

Off Season travel

The best time to enjoy cheap flights to Mumbai is during its off-peak season; every May to August, there will be plenty of cheap flights to Mumbai offers that are irresistible. If you do not mind the hot and humid conditions, Mumbai would be a good choice for a cheap vacation although many Europeans prefer April to September months for the milder and more pleasant weather.

Alternate Airport

Another way to enjoy cheap flights to Mumbai is to re-route or transit. Instead of a direct flight to Mumbai which costs more, you can still enjoy cheap flights to Mumbai with a re-route or transit journey. These may be slightly longer but you may enjoy substantial savings by taking on cheap fares to other airports before flying into Mumbai on a shorter and cheaper flight.

Moreover, you can choose to disembark at another airport that is close to Mumbai at a cheaper fare than a direct flight into Mumbai that is more expensive, especially during the peak season. You can fly into Goa or Hyderabad which may have cheap fares instead of Mumbai. Domestic flights from these places to Mumbai are cheap to give you great savings. You can choose to take the local train or bus into Mumbai too; land transportation is so much lower than flight fares. You will enjoy higher savings this way if you plan your journey structure carefully.

Mid-Week Travel

Weekends are usually crowd pullers to Mumbai. Hence, cheap flights to Mumbai are usually offered during the weekdays instead of the weekends. Consider traveling on Tuesdays through Thursdays. Weekends are the tourists’ preference for a weekend vacation while Mondays are businessmen’s choice for business purposes. Hence, consider mid week travels to enjoy cheap flights to Mumbai.