agoda versus booking

For travelers perhaps of agoda or booking dot com services already well known enough!

Website who give you privilege to search hotels around the world from Budget hotel up to hotel with many stars.. ! not only that they even listed bed and breakfast!

But wait!!… there’re several thing that you must learn from those website and i will listed several things that you need to know about them ..

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Agoda dot Com VS

1. Availability Room (Winner : Agoda )
2. Room With Great Price deals (Winner : booking )
Agoda listed more rooms for each hotels with similar deals, but booking dot com quota room and deals very limited, but most of the time Booking dot com listed cheaper price rather than Agoda however you must compete with other people to booked it! .. so use it wise

Tips : Compare from both site, from availability date and Price!

3. Cancellation system (Winner : Agoda )
For cancellation system, both of them offering similar benefit, with certain time you might cancel your room booking without cancellation fee, however i found that booking dot com more strict with cancellation, and its quite understandable because they also offering very limited room with limited deal, so when you entered your credit card even tough you choose to pay hotels when you arrive, booking dot com already remove those deals from their site, and they loose opportunity to get from other people

Tips : WATCH OUT BEFORE YOU HIT “BOOKING BUTTON” and READ CAREFUL Cancellation system from each HOTEL.

4. Hotel Information (Winner : Agoda)

looking for famous place around hotels ? or Landmark near hotel that you want to book ?. I must say Agoda truly the winner, it give you clear information with length from each landmark near hotel, even give you instruction where to get pubic transport and etc, perhaps in the future booking dot com will follow the lead from Agoda

5. Registration system (Winner : booking )

YES!! booking dot com very simple and not waste my time to filled all the forms like agoda!
and they sent very annoying newsletter and deals ( both Agoda and Booking ) however with simple click! Im able to stop those newsletter! (Thanks Lord)

well i thinks that its

mostly I found this kind of site very helpful rather than negative review, i travel a lot, and using both site to compare hotels price and information very helpful, especially they give us cheaper price rather than directly reservation to hotels.

I wish they will give some kind loyalty rewards if you book trough their website …


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