OverCome Fear of FlyingTips How to Make the Best of a Long Haul Flight

1. Change the position of your seat between lying down and upright to avoid a pile of fluid under your eyes that causes eye bags look thick.

2. Take a walk in the cabin circulation to your feet. It is recommended for a short walk every 45 minutes.

3. In your seat, legs wiggle corresponding letter of the alphabet which is that blood flow and prevent swelling in the ankle.

4. Wear loose clothing and not complicated and avoid elastic material.

Stay Healthy

1. Stay hydrated to combat the dry air during flight
2. Keep a positive attitude by thinking of a beautiful memory that you will get or have got. This can help you avoid stress.

Stay Fresh

1. To prevent your hair tousled or form undesirable, especially when you sleep, use a neck pillow. If you forget, ask for a blanket and roll it into a shape that fits comfortably on your neck. Make braids in your hair, buns or ponytails made to maintain the shape of your hair.

2. To prevent hair look stiff, rub a drop of water on your hands and smooth over hair. You can also use a little hand cream or lip gloss to keep hair neat and rigid control.

3. Sprinkle water on your face at least once throughout the flight will help scrape the fat and oil as well as re-hydrate the skin and make it look more refreshed upon landing.

4. Remove eye bags with ice compresses or wet napkin under your eyes.

5. For a healthy appearance during the flight, passengers should use CC BB Cream or Cream, not makeup.

6. Avoid waterproof mascara as this will cause the lashes to dry for the trip.

7. To avoid dry lips, use a lip balm throughout the flight.