Low cost Airline usually exempt passenger to bring only one cabin luggage weighing up to 7 kg.

So if we want to save on travel costs, we must comply with the various regulations that apply, or get ready to spend more to add baggage fees for our over baggage

Actually, a lot of benefits with this kind of rules

1. No need to pay fees if you not bring lot of stuff!

2. If you have checked-in online, you do not need to waste time waiting in line to check in your baggage

3. Do not have long to wait suitcase / bag you appear on the conveyor belt you can directly go immediately from the airport to anywhere

4. No risk handbag / luggage lost / stolen or damaged

Many passengers who do not care about the rules “7kg,” and intends to enter into the air exceeds the inherent weight is allowed, there are times when it can happen, but sometimes you will be arrested by officers at the front door of the room boarding and baggage you must into the size / scales that have been provided.

If you exceed the default provisions, you have to pay the excess costs, which of course is quite expensive than you buy them in advance. (Please check the policy of each airline, how much it costs per kilogram in the country of your destination)

Indeed, for some people, bringing the default for traveling and just “rationed” 7 kg are sometimes confusing, what to bring, what cannot be taken, and so forth.

To be sure, “you have to pack as smart and light as possible” to bring needed supplies, and light.

So what items are most needed?

– Clothing (adjust with the long journey and need): take 2-3 pieces of shirts made from thin (about 3-4 pcs / 1kg) If necessary, pants and jackets can be directly used on the day of departure (especially air condition is usually quite cold) Can try to wear disposable underwear, towels exhaust practical and stayed small (usually large hotels provide towels) etc.
– Toiletries and Drug Airport now apply the rule that any liquids or gels (perfume, shampoo, sun block, etc.) should be not more than 100ml per bottle, per item and must be packed in a transparent bag. Women usually have a variety of toiletries and cosmetics that species vary, so sometimes items that must be taken that number could reach tens of items. If one bottle of liquid soap 250ml size, count how many “kilogram” whole objects to be carried. Not heavy enough?

So before you go, do some simple practical ways below to “minimize” the size of these objects:

– Buying toiletries in Mini Size, or sachet Move the contents of liquids such as liquid soap into a small bottle, you can buy a “traveling kit “in the store.

Likewise with ointment / sunblock, can be moved to a certain small size container More practically can buy toiletries such destination.

To follow the rules of objects that are not allowed in the cabin such as various kinds of sharp objects / weapons flaming, flammable, it’s a BIG NO NO!