Please turn back from a great feeling awaited vacation and deserved disappointed and exhausted? Often our choices in vacation spots put us at the epicenter of everything we’re trying to escape. For your getaway, consider one of these remote locations so you can get far from everything.

Bald Head Island, North Carolina

Located two miles off the coast of southeastern North Carolina, for tourists, Bald Head Island offers the promise of peace and relaxation. The island is named after its 110 feet high, 5-foot thick brick and plaster lighthouse. Is no longer active, Pelon has remained a faithful sentinel since 1817. Because the island is accessible only by private boat or ferry, rarely crowded. Its main means of transportation are golf carts, bicycles, and slippers. A true island, bald head is located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, where it enters the Atlantic Ocean. An escape bald head will allow you to explore its pristine beaches and maritime forests, like the first Native Americans, European settlers, and Spanish sailors. From the bald head is located in a subtropical climate, visitors can experience everything offered throughout the year. Enjoy quiet walks, shell hunting, unlimited water sports, and golf courses. A climb to the top of Old Baldy an incomparable view is a must. Choose from a stay in a quaint beach house, oceanfront cottage or bed, and breakfast. A few specialized shops on the island, as well as a small grocery store, marina, and several restaurants. If you need a break from life on the island, the historic town of Southport is a boat ride away. With a historic district, shops and restaurants, Southport is an excellent choice for a day trip.

Lancaster County, PA

Often referred to as Pennsylvania Dutch country, Lancaster County has long been a favorite vacation. The historic cities of rivers, picturesque villages, lush landscapes and Pennsylvania are attractive throughout the year. After touring the Amish countryside, resounded over bridges covered and had your fill of specialties Amish, it’s time to put your laptop and smartphone away because not all will need on your vacation in farm work. Lancaster County, agrotourism is a trend that has been so successful. Pennsylvania has more than 20 operations working farms and are an ideal place to escape the stress of urban life. From a full country breakfast on an organic farm, accommodation on a bed and breakfast stone or large-scale dairy operation with its booth, the choice is up to you. There are also farms gentlemen, where guests pursue hobbies such as hunting, fishing and horseback riding. What a wonderful holiday farm is that plenty of fresh air and exercise is obtained, in addition to the satisfaction of a job well done. Do not worry – there is still plenty of time to relax and explore the beautiful countryside after the tasks finished!

Ojo Caliente, New Mexico

If rejuvenation and total relaxation are what you seek, look at the small community of Ojo Caliente, New Mexico. Set amid scenic desert plateaus, plateaus, and stunning mountain ranges, people have come here to experience the healing waters of the hot springs for centuries. Despite its remote location, during the 15th century, it was home to thousands of Indians and discovered by Spanish conquistadors during their search for the fountain of youth. Today it is home to around a thousand residents and Mineral Hot Springs Spa and Ojo. From “spa” is an acronym for “salus per aquas” meaning “health through water,” Ojo Caliente is the perfect vacation for physical and mental renewal. His small town arose when the center opened in 1868 as the first natural rehabilitation center in the country. It was a frequent stop for frontiersmen and explorers heading west. Visitors can experience pampering spa scale and choose from several mineral pools, a pool of mud, various types of therapeutic massage, and yoga. There are excellent accommodation facilities as well as an inn in the small town. Although there are only a few restaurants, which have received favorable reviews. Shopping in Ojo Caliente is a unique experience where visitors can find healing crystals, herbal remedies, and handmade jewelry. Four mild seasons and opportunities for skiing, hiking, mountain biking, rafting and make this jewel New Mexico an ideal place for a trip.

Pahoa, Hawaii

For a unique island getaway, consider escape Pahoa, Hawaii. Do not expect luxury hotels or high-rise luxury shops and restaurants. Pahoa represents rural “old Hawaii” and retains its Victorian charm. Rich agricultural lands became the tropical flower and papaya anthuriums capital of the world in the 1960s Considered by many as a center of “New Era,” located just inside the jungle region on the edge southeast of the big island of Hawaii. Explore quaint downtown Pahoa, thanks to their old facades and wooden sidewalks is reminiscent of the old west Victorian era. Shops and cafes locally owned line the streets and the town dotted with some food stores and yoga centers. Accommodations range from bungalows in the rainforest of lush vegetation and charming bed and breakfast crown jewel of Pahoa, the Village Inn, which has served since 1910. Diversions, including trips to farms around the orchid, several black sand beaches and state park Lava tree. For the truly adventurous, there is the Eco-Lodge and Rainforest Hedonisia Farm. Volunteers and tourists from around the world revolve in and out of living and working for a minimum of fifteen hours a week in exchange for rustic accommodations, but charming. If this sounds like your dream holiday, a cup of delicious Kona coffee is poured, have some pineapple upside down cake and start planning your trip to paradise!

Anaconda, Montana

Welcome to Big Sky Country! A vacation to this neck of the woods means setting your pace and enjoy all the natural wonders of southwestern Montana has to offer. A perfect place to do just that is Anaconda, Montana, whose motto is “Where the main street meets the mountains”. Visitors can tour the beautiful old town of Anaconda in a vintage red bus, walk through its quaint antique shops and sample local dishes at several cafes and restaurants. Accommodations here include small hotels, owned by the family, some bed and breakfast, plus the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, which is only 12 miles away. The dream of any outdoor enthusiast, Anaconda offers year-round activities alpine sports to golf to fishing and hunting. Nature lovers will enjoy hiking trails, mountain views, and opportunities to see birds of prey, Canada geese, bighorn sheep and mountain goats. Day trips to places surrounding area offer rock hounding, ghost towns and gold mines. For a tourist destination, away from the stress of commuting endless and the great hustle and bustle, you can not beat Anaconda.