It is important to get the preparation to get the proper space to get the proper preparation.

It is essential to manage the daily needs properly as per your needs. Here are the five tips to manage life in the space travels.

1. Apart from fresh air, water is also a basic requirement. The water is made by the liquid oxygen and the hydrogen space water in the aerospace craft fuel cell. The fuel cell possibly does 11 kilograms water each hour. The water eliminates from the fuel cell through the hydrogen separator any one the hydrogen which surrounds. The surplus hydrogen is dumped outboard to. The water then is deposited in four water storage tanks. Must recycle in long mission water and by the reuse. The dehumidifier is used withdraws from the expiration air the moisture. The water which recycles is mainly used for the goal which washes.

2. The second requirement is food. It is essential to eat food as per the guidelines of space travelers. The space travelers must take foods that provides nutrition and easy to prepare and should not be perishable. Modern spaceships are equipped with the equipment for deep-frozen foods of heating. Food comes in several forms like low moisture, dehydrated, heat-stabilized, irradiated, normal and fresh.

3. The thirds requirement in the space is bathing. It is necessary to use the wet cloths. Showering is also used, where water is sprayed on bodies of the space travelers.

4. The fourth thing is removal of wastes from the body is essential in the space. But as you are aware, the micro gravity create major problem to remove the waste. A special device is use to accumulation of wastes. The air flow supplies the aspiration for the accumulation of wastes under the toilet.

5. The fifth important thing is to take rest or sleeping in the air travel. You require bag and the pillow of soft surface and the pillow. Perhaps the astronaut wears the blindfolds stop sunlight. Some space travelers like floating are fastened in the air with the few leather belts prevented the ball gets up.