When ever I had to book my plane tickets I called my travel agent and gave him dates of my journey and destination. He took care of the booking of my air tickets. But this is not the case anymore. As I have discovered the ease and comfort of booking my air tickets online myself. This way it becomes absolutely no fuss activity and my airline tickets are just a few clicks away. I did spend some time learning the in and out of the air ticket booking online.

It is no rocket science but when you venture out to do it yourself you must be well equipped with enough knowhow about the subject. Being internet savvy helped me get started. When I Googled the words ‘plane tickets’ the search tool returned with enough results, listing quite a few travel websites which help us book our air tickets. It is imperative to know that when looking for cheap airfare, we need to do some amount of research on a few websites before we actually book our tickets from somewhere.

Ideally we must compare the rates of the airfare for the destination we wish to travel to at various travel websites, or airlines. Then we should look into each offer, what we get in each offer apart from the cheap tickets. The travel websites usually have great value package deals for their clients, some special offer or the other is available. We must scrutinize these offers to see which one is most suitable to us and is most reasonable too. Only after checking at a few places we should book our air tickets.

In order to get the cheapest air tickets, we can call up the airlines and talk to the customer service agents to know the best deals they are offering and if there are any special offers. The customer service agent at the airlines would be more than happy to share this piece of information with us. The package deals with the travel websites also help a lot in acquiring the best deals as, most of the times these package deals include airline tickets, hotel lodging, meals, site seeing etc. and when we break these all up we can calculate how much money we are actually saving after entering such a deal. These package offers also take away the pain to look for all these facilities once we are on the trip. The journey and stay all become extremely relaxing if all these have already been taken care of.