Now a days traveling from one place to other place is more regular. People are running more frequently using buses, trains and   flights. But for business purpose and for covering long distances  it is convenient  and less time consuming  if  one  uses a flight to travel.  Because of high travel needs airline travel is regarded as a necessary evil today. Security checks, lost luggage, cramped seating, and ever-vanishing services are slowly becoming a norm these days.  With slight attitude adjustment and some simple suggestions, one can transform a burdensome flight into a few much-needed hours of productivity and personal betterment. There are so many things which anyone can do while in an airplane.

1) There’s nothing wrong with pleasure reading. This type of reading does little to enhance or better our minds. Plenty of leisure reading material like comic books, throwaway romance novels, and issues of magazines etc are available on airplanes.

2) The best and most convenient way to sharpen your mind while a person is sitting idle during flights are Sudoku puzzles and MENSA riddles. Sudoku puzzles are actually logic based number placement puzzles available in booklets, or newspapers, or else one can find them in his own laptop. Sudoku puzzles or MENSA riddles provide mental stimulation and activity on the flight.

3).  All of us don’t have time to sit down and figure out the things happening  in our life but since a person is going to be sitting still for hours on an airplane, he can do it. One should identify what periods of time are his most productive and happy hours, and try to maximize the time spent in those areas.  One should think about how he can spend his days in a more satisfying way.

4) Life is very busy, traveling businessman or woman doesn’t have much time for personal reflection. The hours spent sitting still on an airplane can be used for this purpose. One can think about his life, his relationships, goals, or hobbies, whatever it is that which makes him happy. One should reflect on his place in the world, where he is going and where he has been already. If possible one should ask himself if there is anything he needs to do that he is not doing. Try to grab a window seat if possible, and try to let your mind go free like a bird. Write down what ever comes to your mind and by the time you land exciting realizations will take over your mind.