The place once known as the land of Gods, at times, called as the country of clouds, the ultimate winner of travel and tourism awards year after year …this is New Zealand. And what is the best of the best in New Zealand is the heart of the country “Auckland”.

Auckland is the ultimate gateway, the first and primary tourist stop and a lot more than just that. In other words it gives the introduction of the country for first time travelers. Long known for its scenic views and heavenly landscapes, the Auckland of 21st century is a city laced with all the amenities of a modern cosmopolitan attraction yet managing to keep one of the world’s greenest atmospheres. Auckland is warm, welcoming, pleasant and as safe as home.

Auckland is not only the most populous city but also the warmest part of New Zealand. It gets the sunniest days New Zealand has. Although climate varies between one part of the city to other but on an average, any time is a good time to visit Auckland. July is the wettest month in Auckland and January is the driest.

Getting in Auckland is possible by Sea, Land or Air. However, flights to Auckland are most feasible if booked well in advance. Also another notable thing is that if you are flying from UK or any of the airports including Dublin, Christchurch, Manchester, Birmingham, Heathrow, Gatwick, Glasgow or Edinburg it’s better to have a mid way stop over to relax and stretch your legs a bit. Most direct, indirect airline go via a mid way short stop over and there is no ‘nonstop’ flight to…Read more