Undoubtedly the cost of fuel is rising day by day. The demand of domestic airlines has been increasing regularly among the people and travel agencies. In the present time, traveling by air has become very common and popular for people. The main reason behind it is the cheap air tickets along with smart discounts and deals.

The best idea for Last Minute air ticket is that you may go to the airport and get listed on and standby and get a great ticket for a cheap price. Now there is one more option for it. You can also get these last minute air ticket on internet too.

Last minute air ticket used to be given to passengers on flights that were departing without booking up. This benefit the airline by selling seats that would otherwise go empty.

If you want to get the best deal there are so many websites to help and serve you. They let you switch airports to find a cheaper deal from a neighboring city. If your find something looks like a really great deal, it is advised that you snap it up. You might not be able to get it again on a second search. If you are not sure then keep looking.

Last minute air ticket can be purchase up to only a few hours in advance of the flight. That helps the airline get all seats booked and it helps you out when you have an emergency where your presence is needed. Knowing that last minute air travel is available if needed can put minds at ease when parents send kids off to camp or students move away from home at a critical time for their families.

Get to the airport early if you are getting a last minute air ticket. Airline will tell the airport to put you through extra security when purchasing a last minute air ticket. Your belongings will be searched and you will be padded down .If you carry your laptop you will be asked to keep it aside and it will be looked at.

There is nothing to be worried about. Let the airline know if it is an emergency due to the illness of a loved one or a death in the family. Many airlines will work with you in emergency situations. If you are ill treated in the way, you may receive some compensation for it.