This event originated in thirteenth century. Although the carnival has faced many breaks after the capture of Italy by Napoleon Bonaparte and the regime of fascist ruler Mussolini, but it is still celebrated with it’s traditional charms. Venetians also call this festival ‘Carnevale di Venezia’. It is said that the word ‘carnival’ is derived from the Latin vocabulary “carne vale” which means ‘farewell to meat’. Those taking flights to Italy always feel pleasure in joining this event. This carnival is celebrated joyfully in Italy and many places around the world 40 days before Easter every year. In Italy celebration lasts for ten days starting generally from the last week of December though the date of starting varies nowadays.

It is basically a mask wearing festival but a number of other activities are also part of the event including; costume parades, gambling, and partying. Crowds of visitors get into Venice Italy taking cheap flights to italy to be a part of this ten days celebration. There are different stories behind this mask wearing fare like it is a common belief that ; masquerade was put on by everyone from general Venetians to slaves in order to celebrate winter and simultaneously to protect themselves from the chill winter, and later it took the shape of a festival. It is such a popular festival that more than 30,000 visitors come to Venice each day for Carnivals by taking italy flights.

The wearing of mask is aimed at hiding the wearer’s identity make it possible for participants of different identity and social status to act more freely in interacting with other members of the society irrespective of identity and everyday convention. Mask are the basic feature of the carnival and after your cheap Italy flights you can buy these from different shops throughout the Venice city, where you can buy a mask, from the most beautiful to the frightening. Volto or Larva is the most simple and commonly used mask as it is the traditional Italian mask. The other masks include; Bauta, and Moretta. After taking your cheap flights to italy from UK you will be finding the theaters, streets, squares and public buildings becoming the protagonists of numerous initiatives and shows. In short the festival will be full of colors, and charms