Vacations take a lot of planning…where and when you’re going and probably the most important thing is who to book them with. That’s important because that is the biggest factor in determining how much you’re going to spend to take that vacation. We all want to get the best vacation possible for the least amount of money. There are numerous travel companies out there to book vacations and cruises through, but when you book them through a company that has a middleman, your going to pay a whole lot extra for that exact vacation compared to a company that does not have a middleman.

Travel is an 8 trillion dollar a year industry and that number is projected to double over the next four years. And almost 50% of all money spent online is for travel. So, no matter how bad the economy is, people are going to continue taking vacations. So why not get the best deals possible? Times are tough and we all want to save as much money as we can, and one way of doing that when planning a vacation is book it wholesale.

Becoming a member of a vacation club is a good way to get great deals on resorts, cruises, airfare and numerous other travel related needs and wants. But, like everything else you need to shop around and compare membership prices along with what kind of deals each club offers. You have to look at the over all picture and see if your going to save money in the long run with what a particular membership offers.