Hawaii is not only home to beautiful beaches and tropical getaways, but it is also the home of Kona Coffee, a rare and expensive type of coffee beans. These coffee beans are coveted by coffee lovers worldwide because they are grown in a small Hawaiian region that offers fertile soil, gentle afternoon rain, natural cloud cover, soothing wind, and sunny mornings to further develop the flavor of the coffee beans.

And as beautiful as that sounds, the location of Kona, Hawaii, is just as tropical and refreshing for a vacation destination. You will be able to enjoy all that Hawaii has to offer, and you can even pick up some traditional 100% Kona Coffee while you are at it. Kona is a small town located on the big island of Hawaii, and it has a warm climate year-round. You will also be able to enjoy the gentle trade winds that bring in the delicious smell of the Pacific Ocean as you relax. So many tourists flock to Kona because of the beautiful weather so that it is a prime vacation spot. Tourists don’t have to worry about coming at a specific time of year because the weather is most likely favorable throughout the year.

It does get hot in the summertime into the upper 90s, but it is cooler because you are closer to the ocean. You can also experience a refreshing rain on nightly basis if you are in a higher elevation. Once you get there, there are so many things to choose from for your vacation activities. You may want to relax on the beach, try a helicopter tour, or even go parasailing if you are the adventurous type. If you want to try an interesting activity on your vacation, you can also go night diving with the manta rays. You don’t have to be a certified diver to do this, and you can also snorkel on the surface to see the manta rays without having to dive down below.

If you enjoy fishing, Kona is the perfect place for this to guarantee a large catch. Since the ocean gets deep very quickly, Kona is known to be the best location for Blue Marlin fishing worldwide. In fact, the largest Blue Marlin that was ever caught was off of the Kona coast, and it weighed in at 1376 pounds!

But let’s get back to coffee… One of the main exports of the local economy is Kona Coffee. It is cultivated along the mountain slopes in an area that measures 3 miles by 20 miles so that the coffee supply is limited and in demand. Many coffee lovers feel that this is the perfect area to grow coffee crops because of the fertile and rich volcanic mountain soil and temperate weather conditions that offer a gourmet flavor in the coffee beans. Even more importantly, Kona Coffee is hand-picked by the local farmers to ensure that all beans processed have the best and most exquisite taste.