Wheeled luggage has been a boon to travellers, changing the way we travel and letting travellers manage their belongings better. With airport lobbies and terminals becoming bigger, Samsonite wheeled luggage has eased the stress and strain on travellers making their way around the world. Samsonite luggage with wheels seems like such an obvious choice these days and it’s tough to imagine travelling without it. Wheels on luggage bags were first introduced in the year 1989 by Bob Plath, a Northwest Airlines pilot for their crew members and it slowly gained acceptance and popularity. Every traveller has reason to thank the inventors, as today we cannot imagine a travel luggage world without wheels. Since Samsonite wheeled luggage has changed the way we travel, it makes sense to focus on the wheels when selecting luggage to buy. One should carefully inspect the wheels of luggage to understand their construction, materials and functionality before making a purchase decision.

After all this is the part that will be most in use, and will undergo maximum wear and tear. When selecting wheeled luggage, do test it out since some would be easier to wheel around than others. Ensure that the wheels are durable and can be replaced conveniently. Wheel size and material of the wheel also makes a difference. Some bags come with four wheels to allow upright wheeling, and these wheels need to be very well constructed so that they spin smoothly. The Samsonite Spinner range is a great example of such a suitcase. It is available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours and like all Samsonite luggage, it too comes with a 10-year warranty. If you are one who travels light, Samsonite cabin luggage with wheels might be your preferred option. Samsonite has some great products which work great as wheeled cabin luggage. They are really light, but durable with smooth, large and robust wheels and a long telescoping handle that let you wheel your bag around with confidence and no need to look back. Wheeled luggage bags are also a better option for a backpacker, and Samsonite wheeled backpacks are really convenient if one has to carry the bag for long hours. For short trips or quick journeys a wheeled duffle fits the bill. Samsonite wheeled duffles are sturdy, with strong handles and smooth wheels, making them easy to lug around if need be. Even the familiar laptop bag has undergone a makeover, and it’s a great relief to people who need to carry their laptop around a lot. The Samsonite wheeled laptop bags can take in your laptop, plus a few clothing or papers if need be and save your shoulder the effort of carrying it around.

It is also a perfect bag if you need to travel light or for a short business trip. With Samsonite wheel bags travellers can save time and money. Because of the sleek body design they can be carried as Samsonite cabin luggage and so you get in and out of airports faster. Samsonite Spinners are designed to be cabin luggage, so their sizes are just perfect for you to carry it along. Samsonite claims that “Four twin spinner wheels provide near effortless mobility in any direction allowing the case to glide next to you.” Samsonite wheel bags with four wheels can carry more load than its two wheel counterpart since the wheels give the luggage better base support and prevent it from toppling over due to heavy weight. Since the wheels of Samsonite Spinners collection rotate 360º, navigation through crowded airports and small aisles becomes much easier. Check out the best deals at Global Luggage and its online web store, www.globalluggage.co.uk where all suitcases Samsonite are listed. The user friendly interface makes it easy to check out the features and functionalities, compare with other product ranges, choose the perfect bag for you and make a purchase.