Caning, as a punishment, is still regularly practised in Singapore. While 500-1000 Singaporean dollar fine may not deter some people from breaking the law, just for the fun of it while on holiday in Singapore, the fact that they can receive a fair few blows with a thick cane will. There are all kinds of people flooding into Singapore, who have different upbringing, traditions, ways of life and standards. As a result the locals decided to impose a set of basic laws, regulations and standards, and they are prepared to enforce this basic set or norms. So let’s cover the most important rules you need to remember.

Think of Singapore like the crossroads between China, Malaya and India. It has its own character, and it needs to protect itself to remain as enchanting as it is. Singapore is an gathering place of all kinds of nations from across the globe but particularly in Asia. The reason for their draconian rules is not to scare tourists off from holidays on the island, rather on the contrary, to make Singapore a nice, enjoyable place.

Singaporeans sometimes refer to their island as a fine country. Because the island is in fact a nice place, and it has so many laws and regulations that you can easily break one accidentally and  get fined to shocking 1000 dollar amounts, which could ruin your vacation. The following are probably the most important travel tips for your vacation on the island, the sort of holiday tips that can make it or break it. So just follow these guidelines and you will be fine.

Top Tip 1 for Your Singapore Holiday

Smoking and Tobacco Products

Be prepared to buy your tobacco locally. Additionally get multiple nicotine patches to decrease your expenses. You are not allowed enter Singapore with cigarettes. Smoking in public places, and air-conditioned areas is against the law. So don’t. You are fine smoking a box while you are fishing in Singapore, but not while waiting for the train.

Tobacco products are very expensive on the island, just like alcohol for that matter, as a result you could run a very profitable little venture smuggling cigarettes. Emphasis is on could. As the legislation is a sort of one size fits all rule, there is no difference whether you want to bring in 50 intact boxes of cigarettes for your own use or for sale to your mates.

Smoking is also disallowed wherever lots of people meet, near entrances, in subways etc. Many other nations in Asia are obsessive smokers and would smoke anywhere, any time. Some would be happily smoking while eating. So on the island, all public places, usually indoors, smoking is disallowed. But there are a number of places where you can smoke, all properly signed, with ashtrays maintained.

Top Tip 2 for Your Singapore Holiday

Shoplifting and Theft

There are closed circuit cameras everywhere so even if you get away with it, consider yourself fluky. If you don’t, you’ll have time to reconsider your position. Whilst in some corners of the world, you may get told off for nicking a 2 dollar item on the island, that is a crime, punishable by a prison sentence. So don’t forget to pay for all goods in the shop. Even in the Mustafa shopping plaza, which is a must visit kind of store with about twice the amount of goods you would see anywhere else, when you buy something, they put it in a plastic bag and seal it with a zip-tie.

Top Tip 3 for Your Singapore Holiday

Public Display of Affection

While some things may be entirely natural and tolerable where you come from, it may not be accepted on the island. Kissing in public is one. Hugging can also be. Extensive display of affection publicly can also get you into trouble. While it is usually ok, to walk hand in hand, the foreplay-like kissing of teenagers in other countries is not tolerable on the island.

Top Tip 4 for Your Holiday in Singapore

Inappropriate Behaviour

Most Singaporeans are reserved. So you could cross the line with nudity, exposure of private parts, or anything that might upset a sensitive eye or stomach. Consequently, you are breaking the law if you walk about in your own flat naked with the curtains open. No topless sunbathing or nudity on the beach. Strange but true.

Top Tip 5 for Your Holiday in Singapore


Homosexuals are not allowed to live in Singapore. Homosexuality is interpreted as a close relationship between men. They do not allow public display of mutual attraction or bonding between men. There is no such rule against homosexuality among women.