When deciding where to go on vacation, it can be an extremely confusing and stressful time. By the end of it you may not even be as excited as you were before you started planning! This is why free, informational sites such as 10 Minute Travel have been created.

This site is dedicated to helping people find the vacation destination of their dreams providing very useful travel tips and tricks . They allow users to post reviews and articles on different vacation destinations they’ve been to, when writing these people should often keep in mind what resort or hotel they stayed in, what the cleanliness of the country and resort was like and the features that the vacation destination offers. It should also explain as to whether the country was suitable for children. For example, does the resort provide a good standard of children’s entertainment?

This is especially helpful when planning a vacation as so many destinations are offering everything and it is hard to differentiate between the good, the bad and the downright terrible.

The site was basically created so that people could literally go and view every country, and see what the experience in that country was like in ten minutes. Hence the name, ten minute travel. This site includes a map of the world, with flags in to notify users that a new article or review has been posted about this country. This is especially helpful when you have no idea of where to start planning your vacation!

The website currently holds 59 articles and 16 reviews; the site was first available on the internet in 2009 making this an extremely new way of looking for vacation destinations and considering the amount of hits it has had so far with its article and review pages it would seem that 10 Minute Travel is here to stay for a while.

The site also offers a forum for users so you can speak directly to people who have already experienced the vacation you may just be taking or planning.