It can happen anywhere, but if faced with unexpected travel charges in a country like Mexico, consumer protection laws are not the same. To prevent unauthorized charges from occurring, it is recommended that travelers purchase a pre-paid debit credit card and load it with an amount needed to cover hotel expenses (lodging plus fees). Since airfare is paid for in advance, using your everyday credit card is acceptable and unless a person is concerned about having to pay an additional baggage-related fee, most consumers already know how much their airfare (plus taxes and fees) will cost.

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When purchasing a pre-paid debit credit card for hotel expenses, you may also wish to buy one for each member of your travel party (over the age of 18). Look for cards where your name can be imprinted on the card, as proof of identification will still need to be given when making purchases. While bank-linked debit cards can easily deplete a savings or checking account, if stolen, the pre-paid debit card is only as good as the amount left on the card. Likewise, a standard-issued credit card, if stolen, can be charged up to the credit limit. Yes, a person can report their card stolen and most credit card companies only make a person responsible for the first $50, but this can be a time-consuming process and there is no guarantee you will be able to contact your credit card company from Mexico; especially if staying in a more remote part of the country.

To even further protect your identity, only travel with one additional credit card; which in most cases will be the credit card used to pay for airfare. If not immediately needed, keep all credit cards and other valuables in the hotel room’s safe. Take advantage of the resort’s business center and for your protection, keep track of spending online. Make sure the computer displays an “https” prefix, so your connection is secure. Otherwise, wait until you get home and compare your vacation receipts against charges made to your credit card. Travel Tips: Protecting Your Credit on Vacation!