Traveling Tips For Women Travelers in India India, a nation of unity in diversity, has myriad of rich history, culture, heritage, religions, traditions, cuisines and people. It is a magical domain and most people fall in love with this country as soon as they come here. Even after the modern influence of western countries, India still remains, somewhat, a conservative country. Some western habits are perceived as inappropriate and degrading if practiced by women here. Some travel tips for women travelers in India would make their trip more exciting and easy. Because of the social conservatism, it’s important that women travelers educate themselves to India’s social mores and culture to best prepare for a safe journey.

Women travelers in India should be extremely particular about their clothing, safety, packing , monetary matters, language and shopping. These tips will prove beneficial making your journey a lifetime experience. With regards to clothing tips for women travelers in India avoid wearing too revealing dresses. Low cut, tight-fitting shirts, tank tops, skirts that fall above the knees, shorts and bikinis are highly discouraged. While swimsuits can be worn in beach resort areas such as Goa, consider wearing a conservative one-piece and covering yourself with a sarong and t-shirt when you’re not sunbathing or when you are interacting with locals. Short sleeve cotton shirts can be worn in warmer climates but they should be loose fitting and not revealing. Observe the locals and dress a bit more conservatively than the most liberally dressed woman. You can incorporate some of the local dress into your outfits by shopping once you arrive in-country. Purchase a locally made blouse or delicate scarf or shawl to wear over your Western-style clothes. Safety tips for women travelers in India should be of the prime concern.

You should be alert of the opportunistic thieves. Your personal safety and the potential theft of your belongings should be taken care of. To prevent sexual harassment, keep your arms folded in front of you in large crowds and on public transportation. It’s best not to initiate conversations that could be construed as flirtatious or personal and sidestep answering personal questions about yourself. If you’re traveling alone or with a female friend, invent a husband and make it clear that you are not interested in anyone else. Avoid situations where you may find yourself alone with a man. When traveling on public transportation, lock your bags together with a cable lock and then to a stationary object such as a bench or immovable seat. The lighter the bag, the lesser you sag ! Nothing new to say here except ‘Travel Light’. Yet, in your enthusiasm to have a weightless bag, do not throw out the essentials. Inclusion of sun screen lotion, sun glasses, umbrella, brimmed hats is important to guard you against sun tan.

Also include eye patches, camera, water bottle, first aid kit. Pack your bag according to the region and climate you are traveling in. Your day bag may contain the essentials (camera, book, lip balm, tissues, pen, journal, light snack). A bag made of slash-proof material and strap is ideal. While traveling, you should be sure that you are carrying your money safely. Though there are no such risks of people snatching your money, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Pouches that can be fastened with an attached belt to your waist and can also be worn under clothing are best. This is the most popular and safest way to carry money safely. Your money and other valuable documents like ATM cards, passports and credit cards also in the pouch should be kept hidden from others. Keep some loose change in your pockets for giving to beggars who might mob you. Do not flash rolls of currency notes in front of them.

You can also lose the purse and carry a variety of currency options in at least two locations on your body. With regards to lingua franca, for most parts of India you won’t really need to mug up any local lingo. Yet, if sometime you get stuck, Hindi should help you get going. It is spoken in fair parts of north India and understood in the west too. Down south is the domain of the Dravidian languages. It’s either English or a regional language that will do the trick. So, pick up some words in both Hindi and regional language and get going. The shopping enthusiast women cannot resist the temptation of picking up the Indian expertises. The the Indian bazaars – a place that puts your temptation resistance skills at test, are stuffed with bright and beautiful things – handicrafts, silks, ethnic jewelry, curios and what have you. You can shop till you drop. But you should try to strike the best deal so do not hesitate to bargain. Be ready to pay additional customs and handling charges. No place round the globe is that safe for women traveler but keeping these tips in mind, your trip to India will at least be unscathed and secure. Wear your smile and stick tight to your sense of humor with presence of mind. It will definitely help you through the multitudinous complexities that make up a trip to this fascinating region.

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