Ushuia, the most southern city in the world, is a vibrant yet intriguing frontier city in the Patagonia area of Argentina. Its remoteness is what attracts the thousands of visitors each year as well as it surrounding natural scenery and wildlife.

Ushuaia is situated between the Beagle Channel and the panoramic Martial Mountains in the Tierra del Fuego region. With boats leaving from here to the remotest islands as well the marvel that is the Antarctic. What is unknown to many is the cities unique location as a shopping haven in the Southern Hemisphere, not much is produced here however the areas tax free status makes imported items pretty cheap. The city holds a number of attractions of its own such as the Museo del fin del Mundo and the Museo de Maquetes Mundo Yamana that recounts the history of the people that populated the region before colonalisation by Europeans.

The region is a must for people that love the outdoors. The sheer choice of tracks, lakes and mountains are a hikers dream. Not only that, but camping is a serious option here reducing accommodation costs and making for a more interesting hikes.

Near to the city is the Tierra del Fuego National Park, actually located in neighboring Chile. The area received national park status in 1960 and so is protected from development. The topography of the park is very tough as it has been affected by extreme geological circumstances which makes the area so stunning, slit between snow capped mountains and vast fresh water lakes. The range and diversity of the land and marine wildlife is clearly visible and visually stunning.

Within the park you should take the historical Tierra del Fuego train, which provides stunning views as the train tracks skirt the edge of mountains and lakes. The convicts used to arrive at the remote jail here by train, which is is no longer the case, but the jail and the line is significant to the regions development as it connected it to the world and supported trade. The train consists of steam locomotives, coaches comfortably heated and fitted with large windows. It leaves from Estación del Fin del Mundo (End of the World Station), 8km West of Ushuaia, and run about 1 hour, ending at the Estación del Parque (Park Station). There is a coffee shop and bar at the Estación del Fin del Mundo, where visitors can enjoy local cakes and hot chocolate and attractive souvenirs can be purchase.

The best time to go is the summer time allows for pleasant hikes, horseback-riding, mountain biking and sport fishing. The summer months (October to April) have 18 hours of light and mild temperatures making it the best time to visit. Been so close to the Antarctic makes the place cold and dark in the winter months, but is worth a visit if you want to experience something different.

Because of the remoteness of the region, travelling by Bus to the region is not advised, but is possible from places such as Bariloche, Puerto Madryn and El Calafate. Flights tend to fly the circuit from Buenos Aires, to Ushuaia, then El Calafate and then back to Buenos Aires.