London is one of the hottest selling tourist destinations of the world that attracts millions of visitors from various corners of the world throughout the year. If you are travelling to London for the first time, then the best decision would be to hire a London travel agent.The professional agent can help you make the best of your trip by guiding you to the most popular tourist attractions without wasting any time. A professional travel agent with years of experience in the domain can arrange a completely customized package for your family. You also get the escort service of an experienced guide who can get you to the right place and let you know everything relevant of the particular spot.

Popular tourist attractions in London Travelling to London is a great experience and anybody who had been on this trip for one time will love to go there to experience the same again and again. The land is full of amazing attractions that leave any visitor spell bound. Some of the most popular tourist attractions of the place are listed below: Madame Tussauds: Here you come face-to-face with some of the most famous personalities of the world starting from Shakespeare to Britney. The museum is full of wax statues of popular world figures from various fields belonging to different countries.

British museum: You get to experience the best of arts from the prehistoric time to the modern age in the world famous British museum of London. Some of the popular attractions of the museum include the Parthenon sculptures, Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies and many others. The London Eye: The giant wheel of London is the biggest of its type in the world that offer you a thrilling view of more than 30 landmarks of the city. Equipped with 32 capsule, the London Eye is a must-ride for any tourist travelling to London. Victoria and Albert Museum: The museum has a rich collection of paintings, sculpture, furniture, metalwork and many other art forms. Though the entry to the museum is free, special exhibitions are chargeable.

National museums: If you are a passionate lover of paintings then a visit to the National Gallery of London will be a treat for you. The building houses some of the best paintings of Western Europe from 13th-19th century. If history interests you more, then National History Museum will delight you greatly. National Maritime museum is another store-house of priceless paintings, trophies and sculptures from different parts of the world. A London travel agent can help you with the best travel package to the city offering you maximum sight seeing at the most competitive price. The agent can arrange for you the best hotel that is located at the city centre and comes within your budget. By hiring a travel agent you are spared of the tedious job of trip planning and you can utilize your whole time in visiting the entire city and having great fun with your family members. You thereby get a memorable experience to cherish forever in your life.