Are you in a new city? Aren’t you comfortable with the public transports available in the city? No problem, you can hire a car and travel smartly in the city. Even in a new city, you can add wheels to your feet. You can move anywhere at anyplace. You need not worry about the means of transportation. There are many car rental companies in each city of India. You can easily rent a car and make your ways easy. But you should keep certain facts before hiring a rental car. Following are some useful tips to rent a genuine car in the city.

•Always approach registered and well known companies to hire a car on rent. Such companies do not put the travelers in trouble. They are registered and can be easily relied upon.
•Make sure about all the costs before finalizing the deal. Some of the companies do not include fuel cost in the car rental charge and people are required to pay additionally. Also enquire about the charges of the car accessories that you need.
•Keep the car number and contact detail of the company and the driver.
•Make sure that the car is in good condition and have all genuine documents. Some of the companies run car rental business on stolen car. Be sure not to get in clutch of such companies. Such companies can spoil your travel.

These are the tips to avoid contingency when you travel with rental car. It is to be noted that car rental business in India is mainly dependant of tourism industry. People from different parts of the world visit India and hire car for travelling comfortably. There are many Delhi car rental companies to serve the visiting tourist. Delhi is one of the most visited cities in India. Agra is also a world famous travel destination in India. Tourists prefer renting Agra car rental and visit the world wondrous monument, Taj Mahal. TaJ Mahal is one of the most visited monuments in the world. It is regarded as symbol of eternal love. Rajasthan is another popular tourism destination in the country. There are many car rental companies in the state. Tourism being the main economy of the state, the car rental industry is much boosted as compare to other states. Car rental companies can be found even in small villages. Mandawa car rental, Samode car rental, Bundi car rental, etc are serving tourists who want to explore the rustic Rajasthan.

So, be careful while renting a car for travelling. Always hire genuine car from a registered company.