There is no doubt that some of the most radical, gnarly, awesome, and far out adrenalins sports locations are outside the UK and unfortunate British enthusiasts are going to have to travel. Which isn’t to say that the locations and terrain we have here doesn’t have its charms, there is plenty to recommend it. But undoubtedly, for the really good waves and challenging routes it is necessary to book an airline ticket.

To give an example, the seas and oceans in which the Philippines sit contain possibly the best dive sites on the planet, it is a frequently acknowledged fact They offer unparalleled chances to see wide varieties of marine animals and the waters are crystal clear. Unfortunately the English Channel just can not compete.

Other activities cannot even be attempted here, such as skiing for example. The opportunities simply don’t exist. Fortunately the best slopes in the world aren’t very far away, and getting to the French Alps takes just a few hours by air. When the alternative is a dry ski-slope off the M62 motorway, it seems reasonable to get to the airport.

The problem (sometimes) with activities that get the adrenaline flowing is that they can be very risky. The fact is you can still break your leg on the artifical ski-slope just off the M62 motorway. So when taking on the most challenging areas of the world those risks are much greater.

If travelling abroad expressly to take part in adventurous sports, or even if they are just going to be a feature of an otherwise sedate beach holiday, appropriate travel insurance is necessary. Travel insurance is invaluable under normal circumstances and for fans of adventurous sports it can be a lifesaver.

Your bog-standard travel cover policy will exclude risky activities without a doubt. This has lead to insurers creating policies specially designed for adventure sports holidays. These packages are tailored to the risks involved in climbing a rockface without a rope or hurtling down a slippery surface on pieces of plastic.

Never go away without buying an appropriate policy that allows the activities you want to do. If you do get injured whilst mountain biking but your policy excludes mountain biking then the insurer is not going to pay for your medical treatment. Which means hefty hospital bills to add to the pain of that broken leg.

All insurance is based on risk, and so you will probably find that adventurous sports policies are more expensive than standard ones. This is understandable given that the risk involved is much greater. The fact that it is not only the risk of an accident that is higher, but the risk that it will be a serious one that means getting an adequate policy is of great importance. Other things apply to, such as the fact that you may have more money invested in your possessions overseas, such as skiing equipment or a mountain bike.