Everyone needs to get away at some point in the year. However, choosing the wrong travel packages can often lead to extra aggravation and stress when that is what it is supposed to alleviate. Ideally, a vacation package can offer a new and unique travel experience that will allow all the stress of the office to be left behind. A cruise to Chile might be just what the doctor ordered.

When looking for the best travel deals and cheap tour packages, the Internet is often the best place to look. Having the ability to compare travel packages side by side will enable the consumer to find the best deal with just a few clicks of the mouse. Shopping for cruise vacations at a site like Condor Tours & Travel will provide some of the best vacation deals around.

One of the more popular cruises being taken now is the Chile Punta Arena Ushuaia Cruise. This is a five day cruise that has more than its fair share of adventure. What is really attractive about this cruise vacation is the fact that it usually sells for less than $1,200. Few travel packages are available that offer this type of experience at this price.

Right from the start of the cruise, the breathtaking scenery is present. As soon as the ship leaves the dock and travels through the Strait of Magellan, every passenger will see nature as they have never witnessed before. As the journey continues towards the first stop, one can only shake their head and wonder why they have not previously taken this trip.

The second day of the trip is an experience you have to live through to believe. Traveling through Ainsworth Bay, travelers will be able to see the Marinelli Glacier. Depending upon the time of travel, people may not think that anything but ice and snow exists in the area, but there is a wealth of wildlife that takes over as the snow retreats later in the season. If you are lucky, you will get to see the Magellanic Penquins as the ship passes through the Tuckers Islets.

Days three and four are more of the same. The ship will travel long the Beagle Channel to Pia Fjord where everyone can partake in a quick excursion and hike to a spot where the Pia Glacier is visible from its peak to where it seems to meld right into the water. The journey will continue through the Murray Channels until the ship reaches the Cape Horn National Park. After a brief shore excursion, the ship will continue on and have everyone at Wulaia Bay by early afternoon. For nature lovers, this spot will leave them speechless.

The final day of the journey will have the ship docking at Ushuaia. The docking port of the ship is the “southernmost city in the world” and the perfect spot to reflect on what is a truly moving experience. Luckily for everyone that has the pleasure of going on this trip, they can book the travel package again and relive this majestic trip anytime that they wish.