Everyone loves a bargain, especially when it comes to that all-important summer holiday, but cheap flights aren’t always easy to find. Below is a list of tips to help you find the cheapest flights and reduce the cost of your air travel.

1.Book flights early
As soon as you have decided where you want to go on holiday, shop around to find the best deal and then book your flights. You will often find that flights are significantly cheaper the earlier you book them. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your flights to the last minute in the hope that you’ll get a bargain as invariably the prices just get higher the nearer to departure day you get. So, once you’ve worked out where you want to go and which airport you want to fly to and from, book the flights straight away. Even a delay of a couple of days can mean a price rise.

2.Fly outside of school holidays
It’s a sad fact, but parents with children seem to be penalised for taking their summer break during the school holidays. The increase in demand for flights and accommodation in a relatively short period leads to higher prices so, if you don’t have children, always try to book you holiday during school term time. Also, check the dates of the school holidays in of your chosen destination as this can affect the price of travel too.

3.Consider connecting flights
Explore various options for getting to your destination. Using connecting flights rather than a direct flight may work out cheaper.

4.Consider using a regional airport rather than a busy hub
Flying to and from a regional airport could work out cheaper than flying to the country’s main airport, but do check distances. Just because an airport’s name is prefixed with the main city’s name doesn’t necessarily mean it is close. Check before you book, as you could spend more on transportation to your actual destination than the extra cost of flying to the main hub airport.

5.Forget last-minute bargains
The key to cheaper flights and holidays is to book early, the earlier the better. Unless you have total freedom and flexibility you’re not likely to get the bargain you dream of in the destination of your choice.

6.Be flexible about your flight times
Look at the various options of flight times as this could affect the price. Early flights may have a higher demand from business travellers and therefore more expensive.

7.Travel with hand luggage only
If your airline charges for checked-in luggage and you are capable of packing light, travel with hand luggage only. You’ll save yourself a considerable amount of money by avoiding checked-in baggage fees, or, if travelling as a family and the hand-luggage-only option is impractical, try to reduce the number of cases you take therefore saving money.

8.Use online check-in
Some airlines are beginning to charge for airport check-in so, if applicable, check-in online to reduce the cost of flying.