On 28 July 2010, Pakistan tolerated the worst and deadliest aviation accident of its type in the history which resulted in the big 152 costly lives together with passengers and flights staff. The horrible upset happened on the Tuesday Morning when the private Pakistani airline Air Blue’s aircraft took off from the Karachi International Airport carrying flight number 202 for Islamabad flights at 7:50 AM. Around 9:00 AM, the aircraft was in the space of Islamabad and was about to land on the Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International Airport, but the pilot was instructed from the control tower that to make some go around as the runways of the Islamabad airport was not free for landing. But due to the seasonal monsoon rains and ultimately low visibility the plane smashed into Margalla hills and torn into pieces in densely forested and mountainous area. All the flights to Islamabad from Karachi were cancelled that day.

Right after this misfortune, the rescue workers and city volunteers including the whole Pakistani media got active. But there was nothing to rescue but the bundles of flesh and burnt mass which were given in the Islamabad PIMS hospital. The Pakistan government announced the three day condolences for this sorrowful incident. According to the Air blue’s executive the plane was faultless technically and the pilot was also skillful with 30 years of experience.

This miserable accident left several people and homes with tears and sobbing. The grief is that most of those unlucky ones were young and precious lives. Bilal Haider told that his younger brother Abbas freshly graduated was coming home after a job interview in Bank from Karachi. The most howling story is of 26 years old Businessman Owais who married his 23 years old cousin Arosa on 23rd July and were boarded into Islamabad flights to rejoice their honeymoon in the charming areas of Islamabad and Murree. Their parents and family is still in big stun for the sudden death of their loved ones right after their happy marriage. Moreover, the Air blue’s airhostess was not on duty but board into the plane carrying flights to Islamabad for some personal issues. The passionate and energetic 22 years old Hassan Javed was the president of the Youth Parliament.

Additionally, those 13 passengers were grateful to God and considered themselves lucky whose seats were confirmed in that flights to Islamabad, however they missed the flight because of being late and the aircraft took off for its misfortune destiny.