Just like me there are people who do love to travel. And usually we used our cars, trucks and van to make it more fun. But there are things a person got to do before going on a long travel. We always make sure we check our cars to make it a safe and fun trip. Here is some of the stuff we must not forget.

  1. First we got to see if the car has gas. Gas is really important when having a long trip. There are some incidents that we forgot to check our gas and be stuck in the middle of the road looking for the nearest gas station. Make sure you have a full gas tank before you leave. And refill your tank when you’re having a break on any gas station you pass by. Plus if you will travel to a remote area its good thing to have an extra gallon of gas just in case your gas gets empty and gas station are too far.
  2. Then you got to check the engine. See if it’s in a good condition to go on a long trip. Always have a gallon of water too just in case the car engine over heat. Check the tires see if they are in a good condition for a long travel. Check if the screws on tires are tight. And always have an extra tire. Oh and make sure that the extra tire you have is not a flat. Make sure you bring your jack and lug wrench for your tires. So that you are ready when you get a flat tire on the road. It’s good to bring some flashlight with battery. And bring some extra battery for the flashlight too and check if it’s working before putting it to you trunk. Flashlight can be use as a warning device to the car that will pass by while you are working with your flat tires. Also check the other parts of your car. And check your brake and the lights specially the headlights, break lights and the turn signal lights. See if they are all working properly. Do this to make sure the car is really in good condition for a long travel.
  3. Also always bring the necessary documents of your car like the license and registration of your car. And if you’re going to travel on a different state makes sure you have your passport with you and some other travel document you will necessarily need.
  4. And always make sure to be careful when you’re driving on the road. Find some ways of making your trip be a fun and not a boring one. Play some music while driving or listen to the radio with your favorite station. And if ever you’re feeling tired or sleepy from driving. Stop at any motel or hotel to rent a room and get some sleep. If you really can’t stop from driving and your with someone who knows how to drive. Then make a schedule on who will drive on the day time and night time. So that you can get some rest while someone is driving. But if you are alone and there’s no really hotels or motels or any stop over nearby. Then try to find an empty lot that you can stop your car and just get a nap to ease the sleepiness that you feel. Or just stop your car at the side of the road and nap. Just don’t forget to open your signal lights so drivers who will pass by can see your car in the dark.

Always be safe when you’re at the road. And always remember to buckle up and obey rules and regulation on the road. Hope this few tips will help you and will be a reminder to you on your next trip.