Traveling by air through flights has become so easy and affordable that people who used to travel in AC coaches in Railway Coaches have started traveling through flights. But if we see the scenario before 6-7 years back, air travel through airlines was considered as the most expensive way of journey that any common man can hardly afford.

But with growing competition among increasing airlines and the approach of Air Deccan in delivering cheap airfare tickets in India, has laid such a scenario that top airline companies also had to reduce their price to what they were offering before. The reason for the era of low cost airfare strategy was laid in order to fill up the empty seats that were left alone. At early days, flights were usually very expensive for that not too many people were able to afford it and they had to take their flight off remaining with the seats empty.

Though there are many reasons why airfares got reduced

At the time of recession in 2009, the air traffic suddenly got dropped down so to overcome the situation, airlines gave up the way of making profit rather covering the losses and that’s how low airfare on airlines came into picture.

And due to reduced airfare many new airlines operating companies came into business and that’s how the competition remained in action
The reduced airfare scheme opened the opportunities for many first time travelers to fly by air and many people are still following in purchasing them.


Booking Air tickets from past 2 years have become so easy that you can book your air tickets according to your compatibility. A lot many E-ticket booking service websites have launched on internet where you can book your tickets by date according to the rates that are listed on every airlines.