Today, you are empowered to be in full control of your travel itinerary and have full knowledge of everything the market has to offer. The World Wide Web brings all these facilities right into the comfort of your own home. No wonder, more and more people are taking up long distance travel as online booking facility has emerged as a boon for travelers.

Just doing a Google search for travel sites offering comparisons of airfares offered by different airlines is going to flood you with countless options. Bank upon the trusted websites to make your price comparisons. You can take your own sweet time to make comparisons and finally buy a ticket at dream price. Just imagine how well you can spend the money that you save on buying your tickets.

The Internet gives you unbelievable benefits. If you shop through a cash back website, you can be rest assured that your cheap tickets will get cheaper. Such websites return a certain percentage of the money you spend on shopping through them. Perhaps, the most beautiful part of online booking is that you need not be Albert Einstein to figure out how things work. As these websites are out there to make money by helping you save money, they are designed in a highly user friendly manner.

By surfing the net, you can come across many discussion forums where travel experts share their views and you can take inputs from hundreds of people who are opting for online ticket bookings just like you. Besides ticketing information, the net also gives you a plethora of information on other travel related aspects like hotels, major attractions, and local attitudes towards tourists in the destination you plan to visit.

The online websites often have information on the lowest possible fairs on offer and you can book air tickets by making use of this information. Airlines like Indigo Airlines progressively reduce their fares if seats are not filled up. Sometimes an airline will sell it’s a seat at half the price if there are no takers to be found. These websites take such information from the airline and it goes without saying that anyone and everyone has a fair chance of bagging such a seat.