In plain words, travel insurance is taken in order to meet the expenses on travel related losses incurred during the travel during domestic or international travel. Travel insurance comes in many forms and with many options. Mostly the policy can be categorized as single trip travel insurance that covers for a specific trip you take and annual travel insurance that covers for multiple trips that you take through out the year from the date of purchase of your policy. If you are backpacking or planning to stay abroad for a longer period of time then you can opt forbackpackers travel insurance. If you are an employee and traveling for meetings or presentation for your organization then you can opt for business trip travel insurance to protect your official equipments and documents from being lost or stolen

In addition, you can also purchase the winter sports insurance to safeguard yourself against the hazards of sports trip this winter or golf holiday insurance if you are planning for a golf vacation this holiday season.. Similarly you can also opt for wedding insurance to get your special day going despite of any bad incidents that might incur during the process.

As insurance companies are very competitive these days, it is very difficult to choose your best travel insurance with all basic features on it. The best travel insurance covers medical expenses; the plan pays for in-patient and out-patient hospitalization and also provides a daily allowance in case of hospitalization. Personal Accident, in case of an accident, the travel plan covers compensation for death or permanent disability. The policy also provides compensation for death or permanent disability due to an accident on any flight, ship or other common carrier. Lost or stolen Personal Possession Contingency is a very useful feature of travel insurance. One of the most common problem that travelers encounters in a foreign country is the loss of passport or baggage while traveling. The policy provides coverage against loss of passport or baggage by reimbursing the cost of obtaining a fresh or duplicate passport. Travel Interruption coverage, incase of the trip being canceled or interrupted, compensation for any non-refundable payments or additional expenses gets reimbursed by this policy. A travel policy should also cover you against liability to a third person caused involuntarily by you or your family.

Get travel insurance that suit your trip and be prepared to handle all the obstacles that might incur during your trip to save your energy, money and time.