Tripoli is the historical capital of African continent. It is here in Libya, that the oldest and most amazing historical and archeological attractions of African world are nestled. Not only the history but present of Tripoli, today is reckoned as the largest city, the principal sea port and the biggest commercial & manufacturing centre in Libya. It is the reason why Tripoli was selected to be the base for “Al-Fateh University”. When African was planning to have its biggest airline, to represent the whole continent, “Afriqiyah Airways” Tripoli was selected to be the headquarters and hub for it.

Tripoli serves as the main gateway and connecting point for International flights arriving from London, Gatwick, Asia and other worldwide destinations. It is a blessing to have Tripoli airport and sea port for the neighboring landlocked countries.

Tripoli International Airport is located in the town of Ben Ghashir, only 34 kilo meters south of the city centre. It is the hub of Afriqiyah Airways, Buraq Air and Libyan Airlines. You can measure the quantity of air traffic arriving at Tripoli Airport from the figures released in 2007 (2.1 million) and 2008 (3 million) that are on constant rise. It is the reason that Government plans to build two new terminals that will nearly tenfold the capacity (up to around 20 million passengers). The first new Terminal of the sort is expected to open in 2011

The continent’s representative and Libya’s very special airline “Afriqiyah Airways” is the top carrier operating to and from Tripoli, Libya. In the Western Europe, Afriqiyah holds a reputation for providing unbelievably cheap flight to Tripoli, Libya and connecting flights to Johannesburg (South Africa), Dhaka (Bangladesh) and around 25 countries in total throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The regional and domestic flight services of Afriqiyah include flight services between Tripoli and Benghazi as well. According to the airline’s website Afriqiyah Airways also plans a new route to Beijing that is likely to boost travel and tourism between Africa and China.

The theme or aim behind the launch of Afriqiyah Airways was primarily to introduce an airline that represents Africa as a whole “Airline of Africa” and connecting the opposite ends of the world while also letting the crippling economies in Africa improve thorough tourism revenues. However, so far so good – the airline has not only managed to use Tripoli as a Major connecting point for the whole of Africa but also, with the onset of flights between China and Africa there will be a new and broader vision for other airlines to follow.

Afriqiyah Airways generated US$120 million in revenue in 2006 and the totals are likely to rise as it has improved and introduced various new routes directly to Africa, Asia and Europe. It also plans to introduce New Route to Marseille.

Also, Afriqiyah Airways is a member airline of “Arab Air Carriers Organization“, “International Air Transport Association” and is expected to carry out a merger with Libyan Airlines and operate as one stronger and more competitive carrier this year.