In order to travel in Argentina, one has to cross several different time zones as well as climatic zones ranging from the northern sub tropical to the southern sub arctic. The altitude varies from 22000 feet at the highest point in the Western Hemisphere at Cerro Aconcagua to Laguna de Carbon which is at 340 feet below sea level. Buenos Argentina is a great place for vacationing or honeymooning and if you opt for Iguazu travel, you are sure to come back well pleased with your choice of travel.

Buenos Argentina has a modern network of highways linking all the major cities. The railroad system which was once one of the largest in the world fell apart after privatization in the early nineties; however, efforts are on to restore the links between at least the main cities. Beunos Aires and Iguazu travel cover cultural as well as historical places of interest, national geographical wonders, night life and entertainment that would rival any other in the whole world.

Buenos Argentina has a variety of culture chiefly due to settlers from Europe, a lot of who talk Spanish which is the dominating language but at the same time speak English and retain their own culture. You will even find historic places linked to the Spanish, German, British, Italian and Irish. Not many if the indigenous people endured the immigration waves. The only survivors are the Mapuche in Patagonia and the Quechua in the Northwest.

If you opt for Iguazu travel, you will find a lot of impressive wildlife. There are plenty of bird species to be viewed, so many of them really unique to the place. The rivers which flow into the country, make for water related sports and activities. The Iguazu falls which are on the borders of Brazil and Argentina are said to be one of the best in the world, even outdoing the Niagara. El Califate is a live glacier at Patagonia which you might like to visit.

Buenos Argentina is the biggest city and capital and is often called the Paris of South America as its building architecture was replicated by architects brought in from Paris. The atmosphere and culture which is highly European, has turned it into a cosmopolitan city. The nation’s main centers of the government, finance and culture are found here. The Teatro Colon is one of the best opera houses in the world. There is no shortage of museums, theaters, libraries and orchestras. The botanical gardens and the municipal zoo are of world class quality and you should not miss these as also the Iguazu travel.

You might have heard of the Buenos Argentina Carnival several times in books, articles or movies. It attracts millions of travelers at the time it is held for two days. Although the event does not have a consistent history, it being stopped for many years, it seems to have been revived all over again now with its water bombs, street parades and other kinds of entertainment. So if you are planning Buenos Aires travel during carnival, make sure you include the Iguazu travel too, you’ll never regret it.