Car hire can be expensive when you are travelling, hence getting the best deal possible is always advisable. To achieve a bargain when you are utilising car hire services there are certain strategies that you can employ that will result in more affordable pricing. It is hoped that this article will be able to highlight some of these strategies that will enable you to hire a car at the cheapest price.

One piece of advice to is to hire the least expensive model in the range. This is advisable for a number of reasons; naturally, it will be cheaper than the other cars in the range so the benefits are immediate. Also, by hiring the least expensive model you leave yourself open to upgrades. If you arrive at the car hire desk and find that the car you have reserved is not actually available, the majority of companies will be happy to give you a car further up the range free of charge. Even if your car is available, it is normally possible to get an upgrade at the desk for a much cheaper price than when initially booking, just remember to negotiate.

Most car hire companies allow customers to add other drivers to the rental package; unfortunately this usually means an added premium. It is worth checking local laws and regulations however as in some locations married couples can gain an additional driver at no extra cost. Do not wait for the representative to enquire about your personal situation, tell them you are married on arrival to ensure they are fully aware.

Another way to avoid additional driver fees and gain better deals more generally is to join the company’s frequent user programme. The benefits of these schemes are immense, even for those who rarely use car hire services. often it can be cheaper to pay the joining fee in addition to the rental package rather than adding extras that all come at a premium. This is a great way to reduce the cost, and if you do use the company’s services regularly, it should be a prerequisite of your hire process. With great savings, you would be mad not to.

Another benefit of joining the loyalty club is that your transition from desk to car should be greatly improved. Many frequent user packages mean you can skip the cues and pick up the keys in no time. Added to this, the paperwork is reduced as the company already has your details, so going through the rigours of filling in forms is completely removed from the hire equation. It also means that you are spared the usual marketing spiel from representatives as the company know what car you will need and will be able to supply it without the upselling that is usually endured.

If you are using large companies it is worth remembering at the time of booking that they are normally constructed along a franchise basis. Hence it is sometimes possible to get better deals by going direct to the franchise, rather than the headquarters. It is often possible to gain a discount or added features for less if you deal directly with the franchise manager, as they have the power to strike a deal with customers.

A lot of car hire companies offer added insurance policies to customers, whether you need this insurance is worth considering. While some insurance policies offered can be extremely useful it is usually worth studying your own insurance details to see if you will be covered when using the hire car. In addition if you pay with your credit card, it is also worth checking with the card company if any insurance is applicable when using a hire car.

Hopefully this article has given the traveller and hire car user ways to make their rental package cheaper. As evermore people hunt for great deals, be sure to use these tips to make you trip that much more affordable.