Flights to Lagos are available in abundance for those who tend to travel to Lagos. After the FIFA world cup this region was explored by most of the travelers and most of them admired the Lagos city because of its Landscape, beaches, Restaurants, Nightlife and Shopping Malls all this goes in the favour of tourism industry of Lagos. Regarding the tremendous increase of Air tickets to Lagos most of the leading Airlines have reduced their fares to Lagos. This make it more feasible for the tourists of U.K to go to Lagos.Arik Air is also operating direct flights to Lagos on daily basis. This is a great facility for the customers and tourists to avail cheap flights to Lagos.

Arik Air is basically domestic airline of Nigeria with a vast network and operating flights in Lagos and Abuja respectively. Airlines head office is in Lagos, and intent to increase its operations at different international stations which meets international standards. Basic idea behind the formation of this Airline was to facilitate foreign tourists to come to Lagos.Arik Air started its international operations in 2008.Now its daily flights are operating from Lagos to London and from London to Lagos. Airlines meets all the international travel standards and having ambition to increase its network to the following famous destinations New York, Johannesburg, Paris, Houston, Beijing, and several other destinations. The Plan is on its initial stages and the operation of launching cheap flights to Lagos from London is on its way towards success and the future plans will be executed very soon in the pertinent Market.

Cheap flights to Lagos from London through Arik Air are good news for fun seekers. First its flights are direct. Secondly these flights are time consuming flights. Thirdly these flights operate from all cities of U.K.Fourthly these flights are operating on daily basis.