As long as you plan ahead, your vacations will be more enjoyable and your air travel will be less stressful.

Booking your tickets will be first on your list. As long as you learn how to take on this task a step at a time, getting good airfare deals will not be at all difficult. Be patient and shop around.

After you have found a good airline deal, the next decision would be regarding your airline seat. You basically have three options. You could either sit in front, in the middle or at the back. If you happen to have a connecting flight after or will be in a hurry because of an upcoming appointment, it is advisable for you to take the seats in the front area of the plane.

The bulkhead seats will be a good choice for you if you are traveling with kids. These seats allow for a larger legroom space as there are no seats in front of you.

If you want to steer clear from children, you may want to choose the seats near the exit as children are not allowed on these seats. But you would have to assist the airline crew in opening the exit should there be any emergencies.

The seats near the wings offer the smoothest ride. This seat should be for you if you suffer from air sickness or you hate turbulences.

Take the window seat if you plan to take a nap on your trip as you could lean on the side comfortably. If you need legroom and you think you are likely to be getting up and getting stuff from your carry-on bag, take the aisle seat.

You should be at the airport at least one and a half hours before your departure time so as not to miss your flight especially during the holidays, summer and during the busy flying season. The lines for checking in luggage can be long.

After the September 11 incident, security at airports has been very tight. To breeze through security without encountering any problems, do not bring lighters, knives, scissors and other prohibited items. Most airports would require you to take your belt and shoes off. Laptops will have to be taken out of their bags. Always keep your travel documents ready like passport, ticket and boarding pass.

After going through security, you will have to go find your terminal. If you are unfamiliar, you could always ask any airport personnel for assistance.

Planes can often be very crowded and so you have to prepare yourself for situations when you may have a noisy kid on your back, you will be sitting beside a very fat person, etc. If you will be taking a window seat, ensure that you have your carry-on purse with you to avoid from frequently standing up. Pack a snack just in case you wouldn’t like the airplane food. As much as possible, learn to stay calm and relax for after all you are on vacation.