Do you like to travel frequently? Do you feel insecure giving out your name, credit card number, etc and aren’t sure how to protect your identity? With the huge volume of travelers and the increased accessibility to private information, identity theft has become quite a threat and causes frequent travelers and businessmen great anxiety. To ensure that your travel is safe and anxiety-free, you need to enroll in an identity protection plan.

While air travel used to be seen as a high-end privilege for the wealthy, with top-notch service and convenience, recent experiences with air travel are quite the contrary. The overbooked runways, endless security-check queues, carriers running on the verge of bankruptcy, etc. are far too common an experience now to not have to worry about security threats even from airline bookings, etc.

So you need to start protecting your identity from the moment you start thinking of traveling. You are exposed to many threats en-route to your desired destination. The right identity protection plan will take care of all the threats and allow you the peace of mind required to enjoy your travel experience. Read on to find out how such a plan will help protect against vulnerabilities when traveling.

?Buying an identity protection plan before your departure might be a good idea. An appropriate plan will keep you out of danger in case you are robbed or information about you leaks out somehow.

?You should be careful enough to mark your luggage with some kind of name tag which will carry your name and your phone number. Of course you should be carrying your mobile charger along with you on the trip. In case of loss of luggage you could put to use your luggage claim receipt to get a refund or something in case it is untraceable. Otherwise they could send your luggage to you using the name tag. But the name tag should not carry your address because you might not feel very safe with your secret identity in case some one traces down the address and gets access to your mails.

?All identificatory documents have to be kept close to yourself preferably in your hand luggage because if a thief gets hold of them he will know who you are. You could hang a few things like driver’s license, birth certificate, passport or military identification card around your neck even if you think that it is a little funny.

?Always carry a mobile phone whose number even if traced will not get you into any trouble. Also while using the facilities on the mobile phone to register for something you have to enter some vital details about yourself which you should avoid if you do not want to be compromised.

?Even if you are giving out some address, it should be your work address.

?If you are driving a rental car you should not leave any documents in it. You might end yup disclosing your identity.

The hotel locker is the best place to store your documents safely. Your room might just be the worst place because some one or the other might find their way into it and rib you of your belongings.