Air travel today is not as tedious as it used to be. Technology has improved the quality of aircrafts and consequently flights are getting to be more pleasing. Here are some ways in which you can ensure that your flights are as pleasant as they can be. If you are parking your car at the airport even for short haul trips, make a note of where you have parked your car. After any flight, you can sometimes forget where it is. On the flight, if you are saddled with a chatterbox as a seating partner, pretend that you are asleep and the talking will stop. Another smart idea on flights, especially if you are with a travelling partner, is to cross pack. This means you have a basic set of necessities, clothes, toiletries etc in your friend’s bag. Should your luggage be lost in transit, you at least have a change of clothes.

On flights, always wear your shoes to the restroom – this is good hygienically as well as for better grip in the loo. If you are indulging in alcohol, make sure you have double the quantity of water. This will prevent you from feeling bloated and also reduces jet lag. Get yourself comfortable on flights by wearing slip-on shoes. Try and get yourself an exit-seat, this ensures you more leg room. Some ways to liven up facilities in flights is to carry sachets of your favorite sauce to spice up meals, listen to audio books while pretending to sleep. Keeps people from disturbing you.

Use your creativity and look around at your co-passengers. Try and formulate a story that links all of them together and come up with plots and sub-plots. This is a massive entertainer especially if you are doing it with a partner.

Dealing with other people’s children can be a real task especially when they seem to be howling all the time. Carry along a pair of sound blocking ear phones. Also carry a small toy with you and with the permission of the parent, give this to the child. Generally works like a miracle.