Do you know the fact that you are living in an era which is being dominated by low air fares than never before? There are many airlines that are offering tickets at very low charges on various domestic routes in the country and one such amazing route where you will find incredibly cheaper air fares is on flights to Chennai from Bangalore.

With an increasing competition in the field of aviation industry the airlines operators are bound to reduce the air fares to stay in the competition. The rates have come down by as much as 50% since the year 2008 and the airlines are finding it very difficult to recover their operation costs. The low cost flight fares are a part of the strategy of bailing themselves out of this situation.

There are as many as four low cost airlines that operate in this route. The journey would take approximately 50 minutes time. Although the distance is quite short and both the cities are well connected through road and rail, majority of people choose to fly in this route.

These are the airlines that offer lowest fares in this route. The following are some of the special rates these companies are offering.

Kingfisher Red Service:
Kingfisher Res is the most popular and cheapest mode of air transport in this route as the airlines offers lowest airfares to Chennai. You will get the ticket for as less as Rs.2,200.00, which is not the case with any of the other flights in this route. The airline operates as many as 7 flights each day to manage the traffic ranging from 6 AM to 8 PM.

This is the best fare you’ll get in the market and the cost may further come down if you book your return ticket along with the onward journey. Plan your travel early and book tickets both ways to enjoy the best benefits. The prices would vary depending upon the time of journey. So make sure you check them properly before going ahead with your booking.

The next best fare is offered by Indigo which is about Rs.600.00 higher than the aforementioned airlines. However it is also considered as provider of cheapest airlines fares on many domestic routes. You will be able to get further discount in the flight ticket on booking a return journey.

Jet Airways Konnect:
This is the next lowest priced air carrier in this route offering the flight ticket for Rs.3,300.00. The airline operates as many as 4 daily flights from 7 AM to 10.30 PM.

Jet Airways:
Jet Airways operates only 2 flights between Bangalore & Chennai. A flight ticket in this airlines would cost you around Rs.3,700.00 and you’ll be able to save more if you can book the return ticket along with the onward journey.

Travel portals could be a better choice to book flights to Chennai since you’re able to get additional discounts or offers along with the above mentioned offers such as a cash back and/ or hotel stay.