If you’re planning to take a flight for the first time and not sure how to go about it then this article will prove to be very handy with all the useful information to help you in booking your first flight ticket. Booking airlines tickets is as simple as booking a train or bus ticket.

Just follow the simple steps in this article and understand the basics well. Many people are of the wrong impression that they need to be experts in internet to get their airlines tickets booked. This is far from reality. It is as simple as booking a weekend movie ticket for your family. Yes it is. Neither you need to possess credit cards nor have passport to do so.

You have various options to book your airlines tickets such as through a travel agent, airlines booking counter and online booking. Let us understand the process involved in each method.

Travel agent:

You can just call up any travel agent in your area and get your ticket booked without much fuss. Most of the travel agents will deliver the ticket to your door step and collect the money. If not, you can walk to the nearest travel agent and book the ticket by paying the amount to them directly.

Airlines booking center:

This is again as good as booking your air ticket through an travel agent however you can’t get it done through telephone and don’t have to pay additional charges. Just walk to the booking center of the particular airlines you wish to travel in and get your ticket booked. It is as simple as that.

Online booking:

This is perhaps the most popular and easiest way to book your ticket being at your desk. In this internet age you’ll hardly find anybody going for the manual process of booking tickets. The best thing about this method is that you can save a lot on prices when you make a online booking.

The online booking again involves 2 methods, which is booking directly on the airlines website or through the travel portal. If you intend to travel from Mumbai to Delhi then you’ll have to first search for the airlines operating on this route. Compare the prices of different airlines, choose the cheapest and convenient flight. Book the ticket on the airline website by filling up the details and make the online payment either through credit / debit card or internet banking.

If you want to avail further discounts and offers then booking your ticket through a travel portal will be more beneficial. You can find cheap Mumbai flights to Delhi at much lower prices. These travel portals offer tickets at relatively lowest prices in the market. Most of them even offer cash back offers etc.

So choose the best method where you can save money on your air journey. Booking a ticket is not a big thing.