With the increase in the number of airlines and each trying to contend the other, getting a great deal on air tickets is not as difficult as it was once. In fact, all travelers are now seeking ways of securing great deals in air travel. With a little effort and exploring options, you can actually travel by air without spending a fortune. Here are some steps that you might like to keep in mind when buying your next flight ticket.

  • Start planning early. It’s now proven that the more in advance you book, the better chances you have of securing low and cheap airfares. Most airlines offer some sort of early booking advantages, such as lower fares or free upgrades. For this, you might want to check airfares online. Several websites offer a comparative report on airlines and fares. Check out and compare at least three to four sites, since the prices often vary from site to site. Once you get a quote, you might even want to double check it with a travel agent for special deals that they might have with airlines. If planning for a holiday travel, it would do well to book as early as possible.
  • Flexible travel plans often aid in securing cheap deals. If you are flying on a weekday, as opposed to a Saturday or Sunday, you have better chances of getting cheap air tickets. Similarly, late night flights, very early morning flights, off-season flights and stopover flights often offer discounted rates.
  • Travel packages often work as an advantage. This especially works if you are travelling on a holiday. Ask the airline if they offer any combination travel deals, which would include the airfare, hotels and even a car rental.
  • Don’t switch airlines wherever possible. Booking your round-trip flight with one airline often helps to secure a discounted rate of travel.
  • If you are travelling on a short duration flight, consider carrying your own food or buying it from the airport. Some airlines offer an option to include meal costs to your tickets, which is turn works out to be expensive.
  • Flying to smaller airports near your main destination often saves money on tickets. This is due to the difference in taxes and travelers often end up saving a considerable sum on tickets.
  • Joining the frequent flier programme for airlines is a great way to secure discounted tickets and even free tickets at some point. By these programs, you can earn miles every time you fly. Once you accumulate sufficient miles, you can redeem them to buy free tickets.

Getting a good fare at the right time does appear tricky. As such, it is important to keep yourself updated with airlines news and possible fare patterns. With airlines increasing competitive rates, securing a cheap airline ticket online is possible with the right search.