Pet air tour is increasing in the US and around the world. More and more folks are traveling through the skies with their pets. However, pet air travel can be tricky. There are certain things that you need to be aware of if you want your pet to travel with you. Here are guidelines for pet air travel that you need to know.

Many airlines will allow and have provisions for pet air travel. However, each airline may have their particular requirements or guidelines. So the best advice is always check with your airline first and ask what their requirements are for pet travel.

Some airlines, if the pet is small, will allow you to bring it with you. Only the pet have to be transferred in an airline sanctioned pet carrier. Be sure before you buy a pet carrier that it is approved by the airline that you will be flying with.

There are also corporations that specialize in carrying your pet for you. If you wish your pets to come with you to your journey destination, but you do not desire to be involved in their shipping, you can engage a department that will manage all the systems for you. They will insure your pet is transported safely and taken well care of during the flight. There are many companies like this. They can be found online by doing a simple search using the words: pet air travel.

Whatever type of carrier your pet will be transported in be sure to take the time well before the trip to get your pet comfortable with being in it. A few weeks before the trip, have your pet spend a few minutes in the pet carrier each day so it will get familiar with it. Pets like to be safe and comfortable just like humans. If they are familiar with the carrier they will be using for the trip, that will help to make things go smoother.

Make sure that the carrier has the proper identification tags on it and also any special instructions about your pet that may be required.

On the day of the flight feed your pet well before the flight. A good rule is to feed those 4 to 5 hours before they will be flying. It is advised that 2 hours before the flight give them a healthy drink of water.

Particular pets may need a soft depressant for flying. It is always best to consult your veterinarian for this type of help.

When you arrive at your destination your pet will probably need to have a little exercise and go to the bathroom. There is a good chance they will also want food and water soon as well. Be sure you are prepared to provide them this help.

As well, make sure you have planned in advance how your pet will be transported once you get to your destination. Some forms of transportation do not allow pets. So you want to make sure you have this planned out in advance.