Your belief may be that flying on private jet charters is just for the rich or privileged, but you’d be surprised. These “high net worth” individuals have often invested in their own jets and staff. Instead, private charter flights are becoming more and more attractive to busy, productive people who place a dollar value on their time, energy and relationships. For this new breed of clients, the benefits of flying air charter versus “flying commercial” far out- weigh the differences in cost.

The first and most obvious benefit is convenience. Unlike airlines that can re-schedule or even cancel flights and routes at will, air charter providers schedule flights for the convenience of a specific client. Not only do air charter services provide their flights on your schedule, they also fly, much more precisely, where you want to go. So, they can save you time on the ground as well as in the air.

Let’s say you’re a business traveler in the Boston area. You live to the northwest of Boston, just outside the 495 and work in the I95 corridor. You’ll typically fly in and out of Logan International Airport. Your company does business all over the northeast. A typical travel morning includes getting up at 4:30am, quickly getting ready, and then driving to 45 minutes to Logan in morning commute traffic, arriving at the airport at 6:00am for your 7:50 flight to Rochester, NY. The Boston Air charter alternative looks a lot different. You get up at 6:30, getting a chance to actually see our kids you get then you need not worry, as there are a plenty of chartered flight services available. Adirondack Flying Service is one of them which is generally a suitable flying alternative if you’re flying to and from a local airport within 350 miles of the base of operations stationed at Lake Placid Airport, NY.

So, along with traveling on schedule without hassles, you will also arrive relaxed at your destination ready to take on the business assignment in hand. Your flight can be one where you are able to take a nap, view a film or have meal or a massage. Therefore, flying on a private charter is well superior to any other experience you will have in the air. It will definitely be an experience based on your needs and one that will be truly superb. This is the reason why more and more people are switching from commercial airline flights to private charters and enjoy their travel experience without any headaches.