The land of the kiwis is one of the hottest vacationing destinations known to man. Glistening glaciers and lakes, mind blowing jungles and wildlife, tantalising multi-ethnic and local culinary delights, divine wines, and generous dollops of warm hospitality – with all this and much more, New Zealand is definitely ‘god’s own country’. Year after year, thousands of visitors save up for buying tickets to New Zealand. Here is some travel information for a trip to New Zealand.

Tips on New Zealand Flights

Looking for a scheduled non stop flight to New Zealand may not be fruitful. Numerous airlines offer cheap tickets to New Zealand on connecting or hopping flights via their hubs around the globe.

To be able to net cheap holidays prefer to book flights to Christchurch or Auckland departing from Heathrow. These itineraries offer most economical fares. Tickets to Queenstown are also much in demand by adventure sports lovers.

Some popular airlines to New Zealand’s above key entry points include Air New Zealand, United Airways, British Airways, Emirates, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways and Malaysian Airlines.

New Zealand flight tickets are best booked for holidays during summer months from December to February.

Popular Places in New Zealand and Key Activities

New Zealand has plenty by way of eye candy and every city overflows with its own unique charm. Here are three of the gems from New Zealand.

Queenstown – Enjoy skydiving, bungee jumping, canyon swinging, skiing, skating, hunting, and white water rafting. Winter Festival takes place from late June to early July.

Auckland Tickets to Auckland are most sought after for the city’s exhilarating vineyards tours, the hair rising Harbour Bridge Climb & Bungee, indescribable views from the Sky Tower, and the unbelievably wonderful volcanic Ranitodo Island.

Christchurch The ‘garden city’ with more than 270 verdant parks also spoils with excellent shopping, tremendous sheepskin, woolen, and leather takeaways.

Kapiti Island – Located North to Wellington, this island is popular with avifauna lovers. The island has a nature reserve and is home to some of the rarest birds such as the flightless Takahe, Robin, Saddleback, Stitchbird, Kaka, Kereru.

Larnach Castle (Dunedin) – The Castle is the New Zealand’s only castle and dates back to 1871. A great outdoor retreat, the travellers must capture the breathtaking views over the Otago Peninsula.

Getting Around in New Zealand

There are countless economic ways of traveling in New Zealand and the country easily makes for cheap holidays as one gets to save a lot on travel expenses. For instance, there are plenty of bus services like GreatSights New Zealand, InnerCity Coachlines, Flying Kiwi Adventures, and Atomic Shuttles. Similarly, one can also go for cheap car pooling sightseeing tours or easily buy an affordable car for the duration of stay. Hiring a motorcycle also works out to be pretty. For long distance travel, domestic flights are a great option and often prove cheaper than other modes of travel.