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India travel will provide you a splendid experience as the country is essentially the land of monuments which include the wonderful pieces of architecture that are acknowledged all over the globe. You can really enjoy the splendid India by visiting some of the elegant monuments. These are splendid attractions and the tourists from different parts of the world are attracted to them. The monuments of India do reflect the true heritage of old culture and will discuss some of them for your knowledge. When you are on a travel in India and are passionate to see the wonderful monuments this country, you cannot miss Taj mahal.

India travel is a globally acclaimed wonder and is considered as the monument of extraordinary beauty. The beauty of this monument is reflected once you see it face to face and on having the glimpse, you will really feel out of this world. This is one of the marvels of architecture and the king Shahjahan was responsible for its construction in the memory of his darling wife. Taj is a true symbol of love and romance and when you see it, you find that there is truth in love and romance and it is deathless till eternity.

Taj was constructed on the banks of Yamuna in the white marble in the honor of the wife of the emperor Shahjahan and her name was Mumtaz mahal. This splendid monument is in the list of world heritage sites and also among the Seven Wonders of the World. The beauty is extraordinary and there is yet to see a parallel to it in any nook and corner of the world. Do not miss to have the glimpse of this splendid monument if you travel to India. Among the wonderful tourist destinations on India, you cannot forget to go to Red Fort. It is also known as Lal Qila and is among the masterpieces of architecture in India.

This was constructed by the emperor Shah Jahan who is also the builder of the magnificent monument of Taj mahal. You can visit the fort and it is the house to the lush gardens, museums, mosques, palaces and many more. It is a splendid experience to be in the fort. Among the famous places in India, you have the lotus temple and the Khajuraho temple. Lotus temple is a modern day wonder and is also called the Bahai house of worship. The architecture is in the form of lotus and the tourists from different parts of the world come to this temple. It is a temple dedicated to the Lord of the universe.

If you are passionate about the erotic images that increase a sense of love making in you, do not forget to go to the Khajuraho temple of Madhya Pradesh. These are splendid temples and were constructed in the earlier era over a span of 200 years. Travel to Meenakshi Amman temple is a splendid experience. This is a wonderful temple with the legend associated with it.