Thinking of flying by air for the first time? Set aside your fears it is as easy as ridding a bus. Air travel is safe and quick. All you need to do is follow the rules and your flight will be trouble free. Before you book tickets log on to the World Wide World and read articles on air travel, there is information of booking tickets, airport parking, security measures, how to prepare for a flight, about jet lag and long haul flights, as well as many tickets on managing packing, airport chaos, and air sickness.

Travelers today have many options as far as air travel ticket bookings are concerned. You can book on a low cost air carrier or a regular flight. The only difference is that low cost airlines offer no frills like food and beverages.

1. Tickets can be booked at airline offices, websites, through travel agents or through online websites devoted to selling flight tickets.

2. Before you book a ticket you need to determine when you want to travel and whether your travel plans have a chance of changing.

3. Booking discounted tickets could mean that you cannot change your travel plans or will have to pay more for changing your booking.

4. Always buy your tickets after comparison shopping find out how much your ticket is going to cost if you book through the airline, through a travel agent, or online. Then take one more step to check difference in fares between different players in the same category. For instance if you are considering online booking as an option , find out how much the ticket will cost from different sites like Yatra, MakeMyTrip, ClearTrip etc.

5. Be sure to avail of any loyalty points or rewards offered on credit card bookings.

6. Once you have booked an air ticket you must print out a copy or take down the code given by the airline as confirmation of your online air ticket booking.

7. Well before you leave for the airport ring the airline on their toll free number and confirm that the flight is on time. Leave for the airport fairly early allowing time for traffic snarls, airport parking problems, security checks and more.

As a first time flier you will need to take a few precautions. Never eat an oily or heavy meal before a flight. Always take along with you essential medicines and a light snack. Carry a small bottle of water. Follow rules set by authorities and drink the water and throw away the water bottle before proceeding for a security checks. Most airport and airline websites have tips for travelers as well as a list of banned items.