Do you keep hearing hardly plausible stories about „how I got a flight from Europe to the USA for only €5″ by half of your relatives and friends? Or stories of a similar kind about how your closest friend managed to fly exactly the time he or she wanted paying half the price for the same route you had taken earlier?

Let me tell you, it’s mostly a great deal of luck, coincidence or it’s just a show-off. Though there are several tips how to game the system and get your air fare deals really cheap.

  1. Plan your trip well ahead! If you book your trip 4 – 5 months ahead (or sometimes even earlier), you are highly likely be rewarded by better airfare than others. Airlines simply tend to prefer certain income.
  2. Be ready! The other way how to get your flight really cheap is to wait for a good airfare deal to show up. But be aware – these air deals usually give you exact dates when to travel. Be aware that higher price usually applies to weekends and public holidays. The best thing you can do is travel on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  3. Be flexible! It’s improbable that the air special you just came across would suit your demands exactly. On the contrary, it’s likely you will have to compromise on your travel dates in order to get the best air deal.
  4. Forget one-way tickets! One-way tickets might attract your attention with extremely low price but what is it good for if you have to pay twice as much to come back? It’s just better to book a round-trip in most cases.
  5. Check more web sites! The more you learn about discounted airfares, the better. As the competition in the air industry gets quite tough, the hunt for a customer is endless.
  6. Finally! Get informed about air specials from your city. Feel free to try or similar web sites when looking for air fare deals from London, Paris, air deals Barcelona or others.

Good luck in your quest!