All of us like traveling, it is an enjoyable experience and an enriching one too, provided the circumstances are good and all the necessary arrangements have been made in the right order. Traveling has many associated issues.

By now, we all should understand that airport security is a big issue worldwide. Before travel you need to know what are the latest exceptable items allowed on a plane. Individuals who are not aware of what they can and cannot bring on a plane cause delays at the ticket counter and security checkpoints. Most individuals will not research airport security policies before they plan to fly. That being said, you must expect some delay as a result of these individuals but when you get to your destination (if traveling for pleasure) it will be well worth the wait.

A general idea of what exactly is needed and what should be done under the circumstances sometimes can be helpful for the first time traveler as well as for those who have traveled before.

All eligible individuals are covered for 24 hours a day, through out the world against accidental death and dismemberment. Most coverage spans start from the time an eligible person leaves his/her residence or work place or whichever is the place of origin of the travel.

Traveling from anywhere to anywhere be it by road, by air or by water, one has to be very cautious about the Travel safety measures that are to be taken. Special care should be taken for, children, senior citizens and the disabled.

While traveling internationally, one has to be very careful about important documents, money and credit cards. Ones own safety is at ones own hand. Knowing a bit of the local language or reading up about the local culture always helps. International travel insurance can put your mind at ease.

As a follow up of any safety measure, one must remember to take care of health issues apart from other travel hassles, which could include cancellations, delays, etc. Travel Accident Insurance, on a package, which gives adequate coverage for the time, you will be spending out is necessary.

Apart for compensation for irregular cancellations, timely payment for any hospitalization or immediate evacuation are necessary points in your insurance plan.

Once your trip has been finalized, the next most important part is that of deciding on a Travel agent who can guide you through the uncertainties of an international trip and take the responsibility of organizing a smooth trip on your behalf.

The role of the travel agent is multi-dimensional, as he takes care of your tickets, your lodging, wards off cancellations and in a nut shell makes your trip a hassle free, pleasurable experience apart from giving you any kind of information that you might need.

One cannot ignore the role of Air Travel, whether it is for tourism or official purposes. The last decade has seen a tremendous growth in the aviation industry as far as cheaper air tickets, better facilities and better connectivity is concerned.

Travelers prefer air travel since it saves time for the generation where time spells money! All international airports have laid down stringent rules in an attempt to curb security breaches, which in turn adds to the security and safety of air travel