private air charter services is the ultimate way to travel for those
individuals or groups who wish to have a convenient and luxurious way
to travel to their destinations. Air travel can often be a troublesome and tedious experience with inconvenient flight schedules and frequently with long waiting times for flight check-ins. It is also an inconvenience when scheduled flights do not fly directly to the desired location and stop-over’s and flight changes can drastically increase travel times and stress levels.

Hiring a private aircraft is an ideal solution for those who wish to travel quickly with a minimum of fuss, directly to their destination.

Those travelling for business purposes, those who have arranged shopping trips or persons travelling to a holiday destination can all utilise the services of JetAir to charter a private aircraft. Without the usual aggravations of normal flight travel, customers can arrive at their destinations in a calm and relaxed manner ready to start their holidays, business meetings or shopping trips.

If larger groups are travelling together, private jet hire can be a cost-effective way to fly. With a variety of aircraft in different sizes to choose from, those with more limited budgets than most people would appreciate can realistically afford to fly in this manner.

With recent concerns regarding air travel safety this is an ideal way to fly without so much anxiety about terrorism or the normal fear of unruly airplane passengers. Baggage can be handled securely and arrive safely with the passengers without the standard level of concerns of lost or stolen luggage.