Munich International Airport in Bavaria goes officially by the name of Franz Josef Strauss International Airport. This is one airport that has won the distinction of being named the best European airport Skytrax. Located 17 miles and a little more outside of Munich, this airport is a hub for Lufthansa. It is also considered the second most important airport in Germany following Frankfurt.

Considering its central location, Munich has been a popular point of entry for Germany, especially during Oktoberfest. If you are looking for cheap flights to Munich, and don’t want the hassle of looking through aggregator sites and the like, then talk to a trusted travel agent. The thing with travel agents is that they have a great deal of contact within the industry and therefore are able to get you some insider deals that otherwise would not have been possible. Of course, you will still owe the travel agent a commission, but this is a relatively small amount compared to how much you will save when it comes to cheap airfare.

If you would rather do it yourself, then the first thing to do is plan your trip well in advance. If you are travelling to Munich from outside of the European Union, give yourself at least a 2 month headstart. This is will allow you to get the best of airfare so early in the year. Look through all the aggregator sites on what can be offered to you. This way you will be able to compare all the airfare rates before you make a choice. Another good idea would be to settle down on an airline of your choice and then look at the airline’s own website. There are chances that you will find a cheaper priced ticket of your choice simply because you won’t be paying paper processing charges.

When booking your flights online make sure to use all your frequent flyer miles if you have any. Any other discounts from other means should be cashed here. Also you should think of taking up package deals to club transportation as well as hotel accommodation. Travelling roundtrips on the same airlines also helps bring down the cost and afford you cheap flights to Munich.