There is no doubt that Dubai is a popular as an international shopping destination as well as a touristic one. That having been said, getting cheap tickets to Dubai can be quite an uphill task if you haven’t planned for it properly. Here are some tips on how you can get some cheap tickets. Always keep in mind that you need to have flexible days of travel. During the days Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the best time to travel. The fares are the cheapest.

Try and steer away from flying on weekends as these are the most expensive. Also, try and book your tickets well in advance right up to a month or so earlier so that you get the best possible prices. This is more so for those people who need to travel on fixed dates. Those who are spontaneous can easily manage with last minute reservation. When you are travelling with a major airline, get discounted trips is not that easy especially when you are dealing with destinations like Dubai. Tourist don’t need a season to travel here and therefore planning well ahead is the key to getting cheap flights to Dubai.

Now that there are several aggregator sites that you can visit, you can compare and contrast the prices of several airlines before you make a choice. Sometimes, if an airline says online that there are no more tickets available, do not be fooled into thinking the flight is full for the sector. An airline often reserves only a portion of their tickets to such sites, the remaining they hold themselves and you are bound to find something when you call up the airline.

Also look for offers in the off season. That is a time when airlines are trying to fill up seats and you are bound get a good enough deal. Always keep an eye out on the rates offered by various airlines. They will constantly change and you will be able to pick up tickets that are priced at something that is within your budget. Again here, planning in advance is the key. A trip to Dubai is a great idea especially when you know that you will have more money to spend.